Struggle...  literally, physically, neuro-biologically, makes us stronger.

You may have heard that you should 'love mistakes!' and 'celebrate failure!'

But without knowing exactly what 'failure' and mistakes' are - it's hard to get excited about them.



This video explains the 'neuromechanics' of struggle, and 'The Dip' to inspire you to:

help others push through their fear of failure by proposing -from a scientific perspective - that our fear of failure is learned and based on beliefs from others who learned to be afraid of making mistakes instead of leaving their comfort zone.


After the video, let me know...  do have any suggestions for words or phrases you think better reflect what is actually happening when we make a 'mistake' or 'struggle'?


p.s. -  If you know of anyone who is struggling with being afraid to open themselves up to something new, or who is feeling lack of confidence because they're not where they hope to be  - please share this with them!