What a spider and a ladybug can teach us about acceptance


A child is not born disgusted by a spider.

As we get older, we begin to take on the opinions and reactions of people around us.

We learn, from those around us that, for example,

a spider is ‘gross’ and a butterfly is beautiful.

That a ladybug is ‘cute’ and a beetle is ‘yucky’.

We also learn that it’s not a bad idea to squash a spider, but best not to harm a butterfly.


butterfly pair


This is one of our earliest messages:


– based on the mere physical appearance of a living being
– one has a life that is worth more than the other.

In fact, one is so not ‘worth being kept alive, that is absolutely ok to kill it.

We don’t talk about the value that each creature has, the essential part each plays in the intricate web of existence.


Something worth asking yourself:


What are you disgusted by?

Do you quickly judge certain people, animals – or even some emotions or personality traits as being less valuable than others?

Do you think you thought that when you were a baby?  If no, then


when and where did you learn that certain people, animals, insects, personality traits, physical appearances, etc. are not as valuable as others?

Is it possible your opinions of things as negative or disgusting are not in fact your opinions at all?





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