Neurobiology & Design Thinking,
Hasso Plattner Institut, Berlin

From 14–16 September 2017, 900 innovation experts and creative thinkers from around the globe gathered at the “d.confestival,”
which took place at Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam.
The potential of Design Thinking has long been recognized in the sectors of business, research and politics.

I was joined in this panel by colleagues Manish Saggar – computational neuroscientist at Stanford’s Brain Lab, Caroline Szymanski from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, 
Sergio Agnoli from the Creativity Institute at the University of Bologna, and Julia Von Thienen from the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design

Check out all the amazing talks, such as Google’s Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt’s, “The Future Now: A Healthy Disregard for the Impossible”

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Thank you, Stefanie. As a golf pro who works with many young players, this information confirms many of the insights that are starting to enter coaching. Your presentations are lucid and cogent. Thank you for the work you have done, are doing and will do.


Love love LOVE what you're doing. Subbed, definitely looking forward for part 4 and 5. 💭 staples whiteboard , color markers, just erase


This whole idea of talking about the physiology of it all is so great and has been very impactful on the people that I have been working with. Thank You for Bringing IT!!!


Thank you this is awesome!!!!. This is the stuff that gives what I try to teach depth and weight.


Love this Stephanie....want to embed this to a presentation I am doing for teachers....so they can use this with their kids. Excellent clarity & execution. Subscribing.....


I've just discovered Stefanie . . .love your message . . .will dig deeper.


This is fantastic,has made feel motivated to because there's a lot i want to achieve too. Thanks so much.


Thanks, I 'm learning a lot. I found the information about the dip being important to work through the difficulty of learning and growth. I need to keep on working. This is inspiring.


What a great video Stephanie! I will be sharing on my FB: Educatelatina. Thanks for doing this.


I enjoyed the way you drew up the malleability of the brain. I have been sharing it with my personal training clients.


I've simply loved it. You've expained it brilliantly. Thank you so much.


Brilliant video, this will really help me with my students! Thank you Stefanie!


Really simplistic and easy to understand video. The x------x diagram is a killer. I do presentations on Growth


it is the best video I found so far to explain in a simple way to students of 10/11 years old how the brain works and how they can gain a growth mindset. May I ask you whether you have more material/games/ hands on activities to suggest for me to implement in class? I am introducing the concept of growth mindset in my small school in Malaysia and I would need simple yet powerful resources to bring the message across to my students.. thanks a lot


Thank you so much, Stefanie! Amazing explanations, visuals and exercises !!! I will definitely use these myself and in my teaching!


Very helpful and persuasive!! I am introducing Dweck's Mindsets to my son, a college freshman in mechanical engineering. He is sciency and tends to dismiss anything I say about the power of positive thinking; I will show him this!


Super explanation. Thank you for being so clear and brief. Very succinct and helpful!


Great video--easy to get message across in a powerful way. Thank you for this tool.



Concise and easy to understand. Thanks so much!