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"[...] fabulous, helpful, thought-provoking, growth-oriented training. I benefited more from this experience than I have from whole classes on brain development, entire textbooks on brain research and multiday educational conferences. I know I am a better teacher for this morning’s experience. Heartfelt thanks."
- Michele, Public School Teacher & Thought Leader, Kansas City MO


Events open to the public:

November 16, 2017: Guest Interview on Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast

February 17, 2018: Oak Park String Academy

The Neuroscience of Mindset

In this interactive workshop, participants will get a deeper understanding of how brains are built, how mindsets are formed, and how adversity and toxic stress affect brain architecture.

Specifically, you'll learn:
-concrete neuroscience principles about how the brain learns, which gives new language to resonate with others about the importance of struggle, effort, and persistence for building powerful brain architecture
-how to to lower fear of failure and push staff or students to take on new challenges by understanding the brain mechanics behind mistakes and why they lead to brain growth
-the neuroscience of 'back-to-front' development, which helps leaders, parents and educators re-assess their own modeling and expectations of executive functioning skills and self-regulation
-how to create science-informed conditions of 'psychological safety' in the workplace or classroom by understanding the neurobiology of social engagement systems - one of the keys to helping evolved brain systems be as accessible as possible for learning
-an overview of outdated understandings of human behavior, and how science can help organizations and schools evolve into spaces that optimize brain development and skills for the new economy and future job markets.


When? Where?

January 2018: Chicago Academia, Oak Park IL 

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February 2018: Chicago Teachers Union Professional Development Quest Center  

Registration link coming soon
March 2018: Institute for Mindset, Resilience & Innovation (iMRI)
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