March 6, 2017

"One of the best Professional Development sessions I've attended in my 5 years at CCC."  - Jonathan Keiser PhD,  Senior Associate Vice Chancellor -Educational Quality, Office of Strategy and Academic Governance, City Colleges of Chicago


"This training gave me a deeper and wider version of how the brain works/develops and how that impacts students' behavior.  I feel more equipped to understand student's actions + attitudes and how to work with them instead of just punishing." - Christina Angle, Urban Education Fellow, STEP UP Chicago IL


"[...] fabulous, helpful, thought provoking, growth oriented training [...] I want to experience it again.  I benefited more from this experience than I have from whole classes on brain development, entire textbooks on brain research and multiday educational conferences. I know I am a better teacher for this morning’s experience. Heartfelt thanks." - Michele, public school teacher, Kansas City MO


"Life changing... immediate life application." - Evelyn McGhee, Chicago IL


"I learned how to infuse lessons with conversations about emotion, vulnerability and failure.  Stefanie knows what she is talking about – and backed it all up with evidence."  – Jenna De Bruin, teacher, Chicago IL


"In 25 years of education, this is the best professional development that I've ever participated in!  Thank You."   -Jenna Tobin, teacher, Kansas City MO


"I loved getting strategies on how to implement growth mindset information in our own classrooms. I now know how to teach my students about the importance of risk-taking and how we learn more as we make mistakes.  Stefanie is a captivating speaker."  – teacher, Chicago Teacher Education Pipeline


"...just wanted to say that your presentation had an everlasting impact on my life." - D.T., Youth Educator, EEE Youth Chicago IL


"I now better understand how students need to transition from outdated direct instruction to innovative thought.  The workshop brought a much needed research and empirical component to student development and teaching."  – Jonathan Brito, teacher, Chicago IL


"Love love love Stefanie Frank. She engages EVERYONE.  She speaks to and makes you want to go out and change the world!!"  - Dawn Minkoff, teacher, Kansas City MO


"A key takeaway?  That change is possible.  The activities incorporated into the lesson kept us engaged and helped for things to be memorable. I think I would apply what I learned in a subconscious way, like constantly thinking about the ways in which I can change myself and my ideas.  Stefanie is the bomb! "  - Asia, Chicago Teacher Education Pipeline


"As a result of attending this workshop, I instilled in myself how to better educate about the science/psychology that can inspire and change the world of students within moments.  Stefanie demonstrated techniques and provided knowledge that is crucial to help students understand what occurs in their mind.  Helped me learn more about myself too!" - Alberto Jasso, teacher, Chicago IL


"A key takeaway of this workshop? Too many to list… I had 27 lesson ideas come to mind. I have a list of changes I want to make with my children - Thank You. "  Chad Askew, teacher, Kansas City MO


"If you are looking for ways to help your students understand themselves better as a way to learn better, then look no further!  Stefanie’s workshops will explain how your students think and give you accessible ways to transfer that knowledge to your students.  This helps them see struggle as a normal and necessary part of learning."  – Samantha Martin, teacher, Chicago IL


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"Stefanie talked about concepts that most teachers know and use without knowing it.  She showed me ways to improve my delivery and better reach and understand my students! "  - Pete Marron, teacher, Horizon Science Academy, Chicago IL


“Loved it! Made the whole conference worth it. I could listen to professional development on this all day. I want more, more, more!” – Molly C., Teacher, Chicago IL


"The scientific and psychological process of thinking and motivation was very informative.  It gave me great insight into the developing brain and motivation."  – Courtney Moran, teacher, Chicago IL


"This was incredibly eye-opening -thank you for sharing the science behind changing mindsets of those experiencing difficulty and stress. I can't wait to share this information!" -  Jaqi Panizzo, Tutoring Chicago conference 2016


"I now know how to use growth mindset to discuss emotions and failure, especially as related music!  This workshop made me think about my biofeedback and creating positive growth-oriented pathways.  I learned how to use this information in a real classroom setting." – Taylor, Chicago Teacher Education Pipeline


"I have heard things about growth mindset before… but after this workshop, I feel like I can easily bring this into my classroom."  – Vicky, teacher, Chicago IL


"This workshop touched me and inspired me to be better with my students and with myself." – Holly Ortiz, teacher, Chicago IL


"This was amazing. I now see how my reactions contribute to my daughter's extreme reaction to failure. I will use the tools learned today. Thank you." - Stephanie D., parent, Chicago IL


"I learned that brains are not hardwired and can totally be trained. Stefanie very much cares about kids and it made this workshop all the more relevant and real."   – Wendy, teacher, Chicago IL


"I learned how to understand the components of the brain allow a teacher to assess potential habits that can positively enhance a classroom culture."  – Andrew Morgan, teacher, Chicago IL


"I want to structure a lot of my instruction throughout the year around what was learned today." - Elijah, teacher, Chicago IL


"A key takeaway for me was that you can actually rewire your brain to learn or think in a different way.  I liked the deep breath/visualization exercises and could use that both in my personal life and in my future teaching. " – teacher, Chicago IL


"This has been my favorite STEP UP seminar.  Hands down." – Michael Anglemire, teacher, Chicago IL


"I reflected on my own “fixed” mindsets.  I think I can apply what I learned to make my own positive pathways about things normally viewed as negative.  I love Stefanie’s skits on everything."  – teacher, Chicago IL


"I learned how important it is to understand growth mindsets, and learned how to help my students.  Something I plan to apply after attending this workshop is “Neuroscience Mondays” and giving students a new aspect to learn about each week and reflect on." – teacher, Chicago IL


"A key takeaway was definitely the knowledge about biofeedback and how my mindset/mood can be read and mirrored by my students.  I will always keep in check of how I feel. "   – Jasmine Grullon, teacher, Chicago IL


"I will use what I learned in this workshop in teaching and in my personal life to reflect on mistakes and allow myself to “drive my brain”.  – Lizzy Carroll, Chicago Teacher Education Pipeline


"Stefanie is a fantastic presenter and I truly enjoyed her workshop.  I took away many useful strategies, and felt very inspired as a result."  – Lauren Hvorcik, teacher, Horizon Science Academy, Chicago IL


"I found this workshop to be extremely informative. As a result, I am more mindful of the amount of stimuli that I expose myself and children to, as well as reinforcing a growth mindset.  What I most liked was the C.A.R.I.N.G. acronym and being able to apply to our lives.  I absolutely recommend Stefanie’s workshops to parents and teachers – they are extremely useful and applicable to daily life."  – Ayesha Ewing, parent, Chicago IL.


"This was an excellent seminar!  It definitely made me think about not only working with students, but also about bettering myself."  – Jillian Geagan, teacher, Chicago IL


"Love love love your presentations and website and ALL the info you give us. Love the concept of 'self-transcendent purpose' -  that was new to me." - Cathy Cowans, teacher. Kansas City MO

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