Ep 3/5: Comparison kills creativity: Neuroscience of Growth Mindset – changing the paradigm of what we call intelligence

January 17, 2017

Comparing the abilities, talents or “intelligence” of one person to another’s destroys creativity, confidence and courageous innovation.

AND… it actually makes ZERO sense from a neuroscience perspective.

This video is meant to change the way you define “intelligence” and “talent” into a more accurate vision of how incredibly talented you – and every person on the planet – are in their own unique way, so that you can come up with ways on how to unleash your genius to its fullest capacity.

This is not to say that comparing ourselves to others can’t light a fire, and motivate us to push harder – but you’ll see from the brain explanation, that you – and anyone you teach – will feel more inspired when you engage in this other type of comparison.

After watching the video, let me know: how could this new framing of what ‘comparison’ actually is help you to feel more inspired to keep going with honing and sharing your gifts with the world?