"[...] fabulous, helpful, thought-provoking, growth-oriented training. I benefited more from this experience than I have from whole classes on brain development, entire textbooks on brain research and multiday educational conferences. I know I am a better teacher for this morning’s experience. Heartfelt thanks."

- Michele, Public School Teacher & Thought Leader, Kansas City MO


What Growth Mindset training is NOT about


I've seen it time and time again - from nonprofits to schools to tech organizations- so much focus is on client/student needs that they completely skip over those people in charge of delivering whatever that service is.


That approach can often lead to staff burn-out, resentment, even hostility towards administration. That type of resentment creates a tense environment and makes it hard for staff to want to serve the organization. It creates in-group/out-group mentality. 


Many organizations are also intensely focused on satisfying 'customer' demands - which are about quick fixes, the latest trends and buzz words.  These hypes are often fuelled by unconscious triggers driven by the primitive parts of their own systems. Organizations then try to satisfy these primitive drives, rather than ask whether it is even in the clients' highest interest to do this. 


The other option?  Organizational leaders can take the time to truly understand the deepest roots that drive these frenzied masses - and to use slow, intelligent reflection to help staff become agents who can resist the short term manias of buzz words and trends and nurture the conditions that those customers truly need to access their most evolved systems, freedom and agency.



"I learned how to infuse lessons with conversations about emotion, vulnerability and failure. Stefanie knows what she is talking about – and backed it all up with evidence."

– Jenna De Bruin, Leading-Edge Educator, Chicago IL


Love Growth Mindset... 
but don't know where to start?

Join an online learning community for thought leaders interested in
neuroscience, social justice, persuasion, power and influence.

Find out how to leverage the power of science + mindset to increase
initiative, perseverance and innovation in your organization or classroom!  

The Mindset StarterKit is a step-by-step framework to help businesses, organizations and schools
build a growth mindset culture by understanding how the brain can be optimized using the power of mindset.  


Growth Mindset Goal-Setting Booklet

There are three points of focus that are backed by research to help motivate people to become more self-regulating, persistent and conscientious in their work and study habits:

1) Celebrating Mistakes
2) Praising Process
3) Cultivating Purpose (specifically: "self-transcendent purpose"

The workbook has links to downloadable activities, a summary of how these three pillars improve performance, and space for self-reflection and goal-setting.


Growth Mindset Consulting


Neuroscience-based Mindset Consulting services are designed for any organization - working with youth or adults, in any context - to understand the neurobiology of human behavior in terms of how our own personal histories, and the evolution of human society, affect our current behaviors and worldviews.   Together, we design a framework that includes goal-setting diagrams, the 4 Phases of Mindset Mastery™ map for staff to design their own mindset avatars and process maps for Mindset Story-Telling™.  
We will explore various forces that prevent your staff from taking strategic risks for innovating new ways of reaching their clients (clients can also mean students).  
These forces of resistance include: fixed mindsets, lack of diverse brain activity, fear-based and inadequacy-based marketing, 'in-group and out-group' mentality  
This is NOT about quick fixes or superficial skills.  It's about perception and how brain architecture gets built - which then influences behavior.
We will NOT actually use the word 'growth mindset' other than the initial introduction.  After that, we will ease the organization into using terminology that is based on science, physics and neurobiology, rather than buzz words.   
If you would like to build a growth mindset culture that is based on solid scientific, neurophysiological research,
contact me by clicking the button below.


Neuroscience of Social Justice

Course description:

This is a course designed for any professional - working with youth or adults, in any context - to understand the neurobiology of human behavior in terms of how our own personal histories, and the evolution of human society, affect our current behaviors and worldviews.   The course will look at the 'mechanics of oppression' and how power structures maintain status quo systems through mechanisms that affect us on deeply primitive and neurobiological levels.  We will explore various forces that prevent humans from accessing their most evolved brain architecture. These forces include: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), trauma, digital depression, social media addiction, 'peer-reared' societies (excessive peer-to-peer orientation), fixed mindsets, fear-based and inadequacy-based marketing, and 'in-group and out-group' mentality.  
Resilience is the power to 'become transformed by that which we cannot control' in ways that increase our sense of agency to make a difference in the overall conditions of the world we live in.  To empower those we work with as well as in ourselves, we will explore how to increase this sense of agency through the concepts of growth mindset, self-regulation, and 'self-transcendent purpose'.  
This course is held at Chicago Academia, Chicago/Oak Park IL.

"As a result of attending this workshop, I instilled in myself how to better educate about the science/psychology that can inspire and change the world of students within moments. Stefanie demonstrated techniques and provided knowledge that is crucial to help students understand what occurs in their mind. Helped me learn more about myself too!"

- Alberto Jasso, Innovative Teacher Leader, Chicago IL