A dangerous myth about talent and potential

The most important message we can send to all children is that intelligence and talent are not something you are born with or not – these are things that can be grown, and evolved with effort and practice.     The most dangerous myth we allow children to think is that we either have talent and potential[…]

Why do I have thoughts that make me feel bad?

The brain does not know which thoughts make you feel “bad” or “good”. To the brain, thoughts are just electro-chemical pulses used to react to your environment. There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ thoughts. Unfortunately, though, this means that we have thoughts that make us feel bad – even if that doesn’t seem to be what we[…]

Two words that will instantly spark feelings of connection

When someone you know is behaving poorly or distancing themselves from you, you feel upset. What you may not realize is that you’re upset not so much because of their behavior, but for a reason much deeper than that. You feel bothered by it because you feel like you aren’t connecting with them. Because as a[…]