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Neuroscience for Empowered Mindsets

Neuroscience tools to inspire growth mindset, social-emotional learning (SEL) and social innovation.

For educators and thought leaders. 


In this episode, I'll share with you the key ingredient you MUST know in order to increase the chances that you will be able to help others adopt a growth-oriented mindset for themselves. In fact, I propose that this key idea is what you should talk about before - possibly even INSTEAD OF - mentioning the word 'growth mindset'.

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When you see people not living to their highest potential...  

It is because, through biofeedback and mirror neuron processes, they have adopted neural pathways that are preventing them from seeing themselves through the lens of a growth mindset: that they are powerful and capable of contributing their gifts and unleashing their unique form of genius.  

Many of us adopt these fixed mindsets from being in the regular presence of people who:

  • have fixed mindsets 
  • are poor regulators of their stress and emotions
  • do not activate diverse brain activity by experiencing multiple perspectives and learning about new areas and skills they are not familiar with 

and from being exposed regularly to systems (like school and many areas of society) that:

  • reward compliance and obedience, rather than trusting our own guidance, or questioning of status quo
  • discourage 'outliers' and disrupters
  • make us fearful and ashamed of failure and making mistakes




High levels of AGENCY, COMPASSION and PURPOSE can help spark new brain activity that disrupts auto-pilot neural pathways that keep us afraid of failure or challenging status quo.

When leaders, educators and innovators:

  • learn the science behind growth mindsets and self directed neuroplasticity, they increase their belief in their own ability, and others' ability to figure things out (AGENCY)
  • increase their Emotional Intelligence, they are better able to understand their own and others' perspectives in a way that a person feels empowered to take positive action based on increasing harmony and altruism for humanity and the world in general (COMPASSION)
  • understand their unique role in serving a purpose bigger than themselves, they increase their perseverance through challenges('SELF-TRANSCENDENT PURPOSE': see article from Stanford here)

When leaders, educators and innovators internalize these factors, they then model biofeedback and neural processes that spark higher levels of agency, compassion and purpose in those around them.

how potential is revealed: illuminated brain



That today's leaders, educators and innovators will become so adept at teaching others to use their brains more intentionally and creatively, that together they will contribute to a new generation of brave, flexible and compassionate thinkers who innovate solutions to society's toughest issues.